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Wiley Registry® of Mass Spectral Data 2023

Wiley Registry® of Mass Spectral Data 2023

The essential GC-MS library for confident spectral analyses

Maximize the likelihood of identification with expanded compound coverage in the latest release of this trusted resource

The field-tested and proven Wiley Registry® of Mass Spectral Data continues to empower laboratories worldwide. The 2023 release of this vital MS database provides access to over 873,000 spectra with expanded coverage to expedite your workflow even further. Designed for use across multiple applications, from untargeted GC-MS screening to accurate mass workflows with MS-TOF instruments, this comprehensive collection helps to ensure confidence in your lab’s spectral search results, even in the most demanding applications.

  • Broad range of compounds for targeted and non-targeted analyses—increase both the speed and likelihood of identification with a comprehensive dataset.
  • Expanded coverage of world patents, including USA, China, Japan, and Europe to keep your lab up to date.
  • Spectral records contain additional information that’s searchable such as physical properties, structures, and DOIs when available to help narrow your results even further.
  • Data is carefully curated and reviewed by Wiley’s internal and external experts to ensure it meets quality standards for results you can rely on.
  • Spectra are segmented into separate libraries including excess replicate spectra that enable robust searching across varied laboratory settings.

A foundational tool for any laboratory engaged in GC-MS analysis, this spectral library remains a lab “standard” consistently evolving to meet the ever-growing research demands of today in Wiley’s continued commitment to delivering relevant, quality data resources.

Available in the most common instrumentation manufacturer formats, this spectral library is a necessity for any laboratory engaged in GC-MS analysis.


SX978-11197-36325 – Wiley Registry® of Mass Spectral Data 2023
SX978-13941-98740 – Wiley Registry® of Mass Spectral Data 2023 (Upgrade)*

*Customers must have proof-of-purchase, for each copy of the previous version (Wiley 7th, or higher) of the Mass Spectral Database being upgraded


Library Specifications:

Spectra: 873,300
Searchable Chemical Structures: 841,100
Unique Compounds: 741,000

  WR2023 New Entries WR12 WR11 WR10 WR9
Spectra 873,300 +56,000 817,290 775,818 719,438 662,860
Searchable Structures 841,100 +56,000 785,061 741,255 684,721 565,106
Unique Compounds  741,000 +50,000 668,452 632,511 583,781 476,553


Spectrometrics-Mass Spectral Libraries Compatibility-GC-MS

Be sure your lab is up to date with the latest release of this evolving collection.

Take advantage of all the benefits in the 2023 release:

  • Addition of over 50,000 unique compounds with over 56,000 spectra.
  • Expanded coverage of world patents and peer reviewed literature, including DOIs to source articles. Data is also sourced from partner labs.
  • All spectra have been assigned a Quality Index, enabling searches to be tuned to exclude spectra below a quality index threshold.

Compound coverage can be searched at www.compoundsearch.com

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