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The Vial Centrifuge™

The Vial Centrifuge™

The Vial Centrifuge is the only Centrifuge Designed for Glass Autosampler Vials.

With 8 Position rotor for 2 mL heavy wall vials, Includes eight special adapters one pack of RSA-Pro X™ MRQ screw top vials with black, non-slit AQR™ Caps. (9512S-1DMP-PX).

High Speed Centrifuge with a specially designed rotor and eight adapters and cushions for approved glass MRQ™ (1.2 mL) and Max Recovery (1.8 mL) single piece, heavy wall autosampler vials. Includes one pack of RSA-Pro X™ Hydrophobic, MRQ™ screw top vials with black, non-slit AQR™ high purity screw caps (9512S-1DMP-PX), and a wrench for tightening the rotor in the centrifuge.

The Vial Centrifuge offers 16,800 g with a unique air-flow system that keeps your samples cool. This unit features a large, touch panel screen for easy operation which controls and displays actual speed (in rpm or rcf) along with set and remaining spin times. Store up to 6 speed/time profiles in memory as the home screen displays a “mySpin” icon for instant recall. The mySpin™ button program recall makes it easy to get results fast.



Dimensions: 9 x 12 x 7.75 in.
Momentary: Yes
Timer: 1 to 99 min. / continuous
Increment: 100 rpm/ 100 rcf
Speed: 1,000 to 13,500 rpm (100 to 16,800 g)
Electrical: 230V, 50 Hz
The Vial Centrifuge is cold room safe.
The compact design of this centrifuge is only 9x12x7.75″ taking up less bench space than other centrifuges and carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Use only Authorized Vials. See accessories & authorized vial brochure.

The brochure lists the most commonly used vials and caps.
Other caps and vial combinations may be suitable: please contact Spectrometrics to confirm compatibility with The Vial Centrifuge™

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