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Spectrometrics Greenhouse Gas Analysers, Samplers & Accessories

Spectrometrics Greenhouse Gas Analysers, Samplers & Accessories

Greenhouse gases, including Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide, from anthropogenic sources (agriculture, industrial emissions, and land-use change) are the principal cause of climate change.

With ~20% of greenhouse gases resulting from agriculture and land use, understanding how emissions are affected by changes in land use (deforestation, rewilding), agronomic practices, animal husbandry, and soil & rumen microbiomes are critical areas of research.
Spectrometrics supplies high-capacity, and xyz exetainer samplers and accessories, together with a range of field sampling accessories. We can upgrade existing GHG analysers or supply complete new solutions.

Whilst our new solutions can be based around commercial, off-the-shelf GHG analysers, we also develop turn-key, enhanced greenhouse gas analysers for precision CO2 measurements.

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