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PAL3 Samplers & Automation

PAL3 Samplers & Automation


The PAL3, a multi-functional autosampler PAL System is your tool box for sample preparation, from a simple liquid injection through to complete workflows. A PAL System can be adapted or extended to meet almost any requirements. PAL3 systems are available as autosamplers/online automation for GC (GC-MS) and LC (LC-MS), as well as stand-alone workstations.

The PAL3 (RSI, RTC and dual-head systems) supports a comprehensive range of sample introduction techniques for GC (GC/MS) including headspace, SPME, SPME Arrow and liquid- including large volume liquid-) injection.

The PAL3 RTC and dual head systems perform complex tasks reliably – all steps and movements are performed with precision and in a controlled and reproducible manner.

Spectrometrics are experts at developing and devising PAL3 based solutions and analysers to support everything from off-the-shelf configurations to a turn-key solution to automate your workflows.

Our PAL3 systems are not locked to a one vendor like OEM systems and are controlled with Chronos-software for the fullest level of control and support of all PAL3 modules and accessories.


PAL3 RTC/RSI Brochure

PAL3 LSI Brochure

PAL3 Series II Flyer


PAL3 Centrifuge Options

Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Option

SPME Arrow Option

PAL3 Multi Fiber eXchange (MFX) Option

In-Tube Extraction (ITEX) Dynamic Headspace Option

Tray Cooler for PAL3


  • Metabolomics solution (MOX-TMS, GC-MS)
  • Metabolomics solution (alkyl chloroformates, GC-MS)
  • tBDMS Solution (tBDMS, GC-MS)
  • 13C Fluxomics (tBDMS)
  • PlasmaPLFA Solution (FAMEs, GC-MS)
  • Soil PLFA Solution (FAMEs, GC-MS)
  • Plant & Algal FAMEs (GC-MS)
  • Amino Acid Solution (alkyl chloroformates GC-MS)
  • 15N Fluxomics Solution (alkyl chloroformates)
  • Enhanced, high capacity GHG Analysers (sampling from Exetainer tubes)

PAL3 Accessories & Consumables

PAL3 Approved Vials & Caps

Contact us for:

  • septum-free replacement wash/waste vials
  • custom trays/racks
  • autoclavable/freezer trays for your PAL3
  • consumables for speciality techniques (e.g., DLLME)


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