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Multitasker CE-IVD Clinical Diagnostics Analysers

Multitasker CE-IVD Clinical Diagnostics Analysers

The Multitasker LC Autosampler, with built-in sample preparation, fully automates your clinical LC-MS/MS workflows

With the Multitasker, sample preparation can be as simple as loading your primary blood, serum, plasma or urine sample tube on the instrument, walking away and waiting for the results to be sent to your LIS, LIMS or ELMS system.

There are preconfigured applications for the Multitasker include vitamin analysis, metabolite analysis, and therapeutic drug monitoring. Many different LC-MS/MS methods can be automated with the system.

Automating your workflows potential errors in manual sample preparation steps and, the tip free design and sampling from primary tube ensures minimal consumables use to reduce operational costs and improve the sustainablity of your clinical laboratory.


Multitasker Brochure

  • Sampling from primary tube
  • Minimal manual sample pretreatment (serum/plasma samples pre-centrifuged)
  • Liquid-level sensing
  • Inversion of tubes
  • in-built barcode reader
  • automatic generation of sample sequence from barcode (sequence by barcode)
  • TTL connection to virtually any LC-MS/MS instrument
  • Single sample list for Multitasker and instrument software


Vitamin D3/D2 in serum (APCI LC-MS/MS)
Vitamins A, D3/D2, E, K1 in serum (APCI LC-MS/MS)

Biogenic Amines
Catecholamines in urine (LC-MS/MS)
Metanephrines in urine (LC-MS/MS)
VMA-HVA-5-HIAA in urine (LC-MS/MS)
neurotransmitters in urine (LC-MS/MS)
28 biogenic amines in urine (LC-MS/MS)

Metabolic Diseases/Disorders
73 organic acids in urine (LC-MS/MS)
47 amino acids in urine, plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid (LC-MS/MS)
Homocysteine in plasma (LC-MS/MS)
Phenylketonuria in serum, plasma, DBS (LC-MS/MS)
Carnitine/acylcarnitine DBS (LC-MS/MS) - manual kit
Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Markers in Urine (LC-MS/MS)

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
15 psychoactive drugs in urine (LC-MS/MS)
Immunosuppressants (cyclosporine, everolimus, sirolimus and tacrolimus) in whole blood (LC-MS/MS)

Zivak systems can be connected to virtually any brand of MS/MS systems including Waters, Sciex, Agilent, Shimadzu and Thermo.

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