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Mass Spectra of Volatile Compounds in Food, 2nd Edition

Mass Spectra of Volatile Compounds in Food, 2nd Edition

The Mass Spectra of Volatile Compounds in Food Mass Spectral database contains 1,620 reference mass spectra and searchable structures, covering the whole range of volatile compounds in food. Created by the Central Institute of Nutrition and Food Research, the database also features derivatives of non-volatile compounds, such as sugars and polyhydroxyphenols.

In addition to the large number of natural, nature-identical, and artificial flavours and aromas (including alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, acetals, ketals, acids and esters), the database includes taints, food additives and solvents, pesticides and veterinary pharmaceuticals, which are frequently found as residues.



SX978-04716-48253 Mass Spectra of Volatiles in Food (SpecData), 2nd Edition

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Spectra: 1,620

Spectrometrics-Mass Spectral Libraries Compatibility-GC-MS

Artificial aromas
Artificial flavors
Derivatives of non-volatile compounds
Food additives
Food solvents
Natural aromas
Natural flavors
Nature-identical aromas
Nature-identical flavors
Veterinary pharmaceutical compounds
Volatile compounds in food

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