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Incubator/Agitator for Autosampler Vials

Incubator/Agitator for Autosampler Vials

Incubator/Agitator for extraction, incubation and derivatization in chromatography vials

Spectrometrics’ customised Incubator/Agitator features interchangeable ANSI/SLAS format aluminium blocks to allow analytical chemists to do incubations, extractions and derivatization in all common chromatography vial formats and bringing benefits to laboratory operations:

  • reduced error from format shifting between different vial racks/trays for different labware
  • reduce use of intermediate labware use to accommodate standard laboratory equipment
  • improve the sustainability of your laboratory
  • simplify your analytical workflows for improved data quality and laboratory productivity
  • combine with Spectrometrics Vial Centrifuges
  • used for manual headspace, SPME, SPME Arrow (including MFX) and HiSorb probe incubation/extraction
  • improve derivatization yields/recoveries with incubation + agitation
  • develop manual sample prep workflows for automation on laboratory robotics systems from Zivak, CTC, GERSTEL, Tecan, etc.

The programmable, Peltier cooled, incubator/agitator from Spectrometrics features programmable control of speed, incubation temperatures and agitation time.
The Agitator can be used for manual headspace, SPME, SPME Arrow and HiSorb probe extraction, and for extraction of liquids or solids, derivatization and enzymatic reactions in autosampler vials.

Interchangeable blocks can be transferred directly PAL3 or GERSTEL Sampler racks, or to any vendor’s sampler using 127 x 84.6 mm format racks.

Racks are available for 2 mL (12 x 32 mm), 4mL (15 x 45 mm), 10/20 mL (23 x 47, 23 x 75 mm) & EPA/VOA vials


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Temperature range:
10 °C below room temperature to 99 °C (programmable)

Speed Range:
300 - 750 rpm (progammable)

Power Supply:
100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H):
220 x 250 x 125 mm


Interchangeable Aluminium Blocks

12 x 32 mm Autosampler Vials
48 x 2 mL vials, 40 x 2 mL vials, 54 x 2 mL vials

15 x 45 mm Autosampler Vials
24 x 4 mL vials

23 x 47/75 mm Headspace Vials
12 x 10/20 mL vials, 15 x 10/20 mL vials

EPA/VOA vials
12 x 28 mm OD vials

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