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FX-2000 for Clinical & Forensic Toxicology, and Workplace & Sports Drug Testing

FX-2000 for Clinical & Forensic Toxicology, and Workplace & Sports Drug Testing

Design your own fully automated uHPLC system

The FX-2000 is a fully automated pre-analytical system for your uHPLC or LC-MS/MS system. The FX-2000 has been specifically designed for forensic toxicology laboratories and laboratories doing workplace drugs, and anti-doping drugs analysis.

By, fully automating your sample preparation, with a system that samples directly from your primary tube, you:

  • Ensure an tamper-proof unbroken chain-of-custody from sample to reporting
  • Eliminate user errors caused by manual sample preparation
  • Address low throughput problem in chromatography analysis
  • Lower the cost of analysis
  • Turn your mass spectrometer into a convenient walk-up/walk-away analyser for routine analysis.

FX-2000 allows you to compose your own fully automated UHPLC system tailored to the needs of your laboratory.

With a wide range of sample preparation module, to choose from you can choose an off-the-shelf solution or work with us to design a turnkey solution for your analysis.

FX-2000 is available as an upgrade to brand or model of LC-MS/MS, or as a complete solution for your laboratory.


FX-2000 Brochure

  • Sampling from primary tube
  • Minimal manual sample pretreatment (serum/plasma samples pre-centrifuged)
  • Liquid-level sensing
  • Inversion of tubes
  • in-built barcode reader
  • automatic generation of sample sequence from barcode (sequence by barcode)
  • TTL connection to virtually any LC-MS/MS instrument
  • Single sample list for Multitasker and instrument software


Zivak systems can be connected to virtually any brand of MS/MS systems including Waters, Sciex, Agilent, Shimadzu and Thermo.

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