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Enhance and Improve Polymer Analysis

The DiscovIR-GPC™ extends the capabilities of your GPC/SEC system to provide an all-in-one enhanced polymer analysis, and features patented, revolutionary desolvation technology for total flexibility of mobile phase solvents for GPC-FTIR.

Upgrading to interference free, solid-phase, transmission FTIR spectra, is as simple as connecting the DiscovIR-GPC™ to your existing system and autosampler. You can use your existing methods, as the desolvation unit ensures complete solvent removal through temperature controlled cryogenic deposition, to minimise band spreading and maintain chromatographic resolution.


Key Applications

  • Polymer Analysis
    – Deformulation
    – Co-polymer Compositional Drift
    – Degradation/Failure Analysis
    – Batch-to-batch variance & QC for polymer production and processing
  • Pharmaceutical Excipient Analysis
  • Minor Component Identification
  • Extractables & Leachables
  • Chemical Troubleshooting
  • Characterisation of Polymers in formulations or products (Lubricants, Inks, Paints, Adhesives)

DiscovIR-GPC™ for your laboratory

DiscovIR-GPC™ GPC-Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) systems are a powerful new tool for the analysis and characterisation of synthetic and natural polymers
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Characterization of a Hot-Melt Adhesive by GPC-IR (AppNote017)

Lubricant Analysis by GPC-IR (AppNote028)

De-Formulating Polymeric Ink Formula by GPC-IR Technology (AppNote038)

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