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Enhance, Improve and Simplify Compound ID

The DiscovIR-GC™ is the perfect solution for identifying components in complex mixtures. Enhanced resolution, solid-phase, infrared spectra, provide each compound’s unique fingerprint, making it quick and easy to unambiguously identify components, by comparison to extensive solid-phase FTIR libraries. The DiscovIR-GC™ is particularly useful in identifying positional, structural, and diastereo- isomers, which can be challenging by Mass Spectrometry.

Combining the DiscovIR-GC™ with Mass Spectrometry provides a powerful tool for unknowns identification; the combination of mass spectral (elemental composition and fragmentation) data, and structural information from the infrared spectra, can be used to shortlist potential structures, prior to purchasing standards, or for confirmatory synthesis.

Depending on your application, systems can be configured with your choice of GC inlets and parallel detectors – e.g., FID, element specific detectors, mass spectrometry, electroantennographic detectors (EAD).


DiscovIR hyphenated GC-FTIR for your laboratory

DiscovIR Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) systems, hyphenated to Gas Chromatography, simplify the analysis of complex mixtures, and provide high fidelity, solid-phase spectra for a broad range of applications.

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• Chemical Ecology
• Defence & Security (Explosives, Drugs & CWAs)
• FAMEs (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters)
• Flavour & Fragrances
• Forensic Analysis
• Metabolomics & Synthetic Biology
• General Analytical

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Download Selective Detection using Band Chromatograms (AppNote014)

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Download Determining benzene Ring Substitution Patterns from IR Spectra (AppNote024)

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