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DiscovIR-GC™ Solutions for Flavours & Fragrances Analysis

DiscovIR-GC™ Solutions for Flavours & Fragrances Analysis

Commercial Flavours & Fragrances are complex blends of essential oils, solvents, carriers, and fixatives. The analysis of these natural products can present a challenge to even state of the art analytical laboratories; in part because the number of components in commercial mass spectral libraries (e.g., R.P. Adams, Wiley FFNSC) approaches, or even exceeds the peak capacity, of comprehensive GCxGC separations. In addition, both manual and automated, peak annotation is complicated, by regions of the chromatogram that contain many (nominally) co-eluting components with similar, or indistinguishable mass spectra.

By contrast, Gas Chromatography coupled to solid-phase Infrared spectroscopy delivers unique, structure-specific, unambiguous spectra. Thus, DiscovIR-GC™ can rapidly discriminate between structural, positional and diastereo- isomers, typically with higher confidence than by Mass Spectrometry. And, when combined with parallel Mass Spectrometry and extensive spectral libraries, component assignments can be made with the highest degree of confidence: the combination of retention index with both FTIR and Mass Spectra can differentiate very subtle differences between isomers of position or configuration and identify minor components in a mixture by comparing their spectra against the thousands available in commercial libraries.

Furthermore, infrared analysis can be used for the relative quantitation of co-eluting peaks (e.g., musk isomers or fragrance allergens) that yield indistinguishable mass spectra; and selective detection using band chromatograms can be used to screen or classify by functional group.

Applications include:

  • Product development and investigatory analysis
  • Quality assurance, degradation & stability studies
  • Authenticity analysis & counterfeit studies
  • Formulation and deformulation studies
  • Product matching and competitor analysis
  • Analysis of captives, additives and impurities
  • Enhanced identification to support regulatory submission


DiscovIR-GC™ Solutions for Flavours & Fragrances Analysis

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