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DiscovIR-GC™ Solutions for Defence & Security

DiscovIR-GC™ Solutions for Defence & Security

DiscovIR-GC™ is a powerful new tool for the analysis of complex, multi-component samples of concern to defence, law enforcement and homeland security agencies including seized drugs (detailed under Forensics Solutions), explosives, and chemical warfare agents.

Explosives – Gas Chromatography coupled to solid-phase FTIR Spectroscopy delivers real-time, defensible, and unambiguous identification of explosive formulation components, impurities, additives, taggants, post-explosive residues and environmental degradation products, through the combination of retention time and unique, structure specific infrared spectra.

Applications of DiscovIR-GC™ for Explosives analysis:

  • Explosives development, manufacturing, and quality control
  • Confirmatory Forensic Analysis for border security, crime & counter-terrorism agencies
  • Forensic Investigations for civil criminal and terrorist prosecutions
  • Determination of origin and synthetic route, based on explosives composition and chemical tags, in explosives, or post-explosion residues.
  • Environmental Forensics & Contaminated Land Surveys for environmental monitoring and site remediation.

Chemical Warfare Agents – DiscovIR-GC™ provides unambiguous, rapid, reliable, and robust, trace level analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and their main degradation products. With 4cm-1 resolution spectra and comparable sensitivity to GC-MS, solid-phase GC-(DD)-FTIR analyses are compliant with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) requirements for confirmatory analysis by at least two different analytical techniques, one of which must be spectrometric.

Applications of DiscovIR-GC™ for CWA analysis:

  • Identification of CWAs in the actual, or alleged use of CWAs in military or terrorist operations/attacks
  • Monitoring and identifying Environmental Emissions of CWAs from storage or disposal facilities
  • Monitoring the destruction of CWAs and clean-up of storage sites/facilities
  • Forensic Environmental monitoring of CWAs, their precursors, by-products, derivatives, degradants and hydrolysis products in complex environmental matrices.
  • Forensic investigations to determine the source and route-of-synthesis of CWAs
  • Identification of unknowns and classification by functional group
  • PPE Breakthrough studies for testing or validation of cleaning/reuse protocols.


DiscovIR-GC™ Solutions for Defence & Security

Identification of Explosive Components and Isomers (AppNote029)

Trace Level Analysis of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Related Chemicals by GC-IR Solid-phase System (AppNote041)

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