DiscovIR-GC™ with parallel (EI) Mass Spectrometry has rapidly established itself as the go-to infochemical identification technique for Chemical Ecologists investigating the complex interactions within, and between species (plants, insects, microbes & animals).

Chemical Ecology is an important field in tackling the dual challenges of climate change and food security. Understanding how infochemical communications are involved in plant nutrient (C, N, S) use & assimilation, host-pathogen interactions, and crop stress responses is key to delivering sustainable agriculture, resilient to a changing climate, through integrated pest management and the use of fewer resources (water, fertilizer, etc).

Combining the DiscovIR-GC™ with mass spectrometry, simplifies and accelerates infochemical structural identification; largely removing the need for peak fraction collection for unambiguous (2D-NMR) identification. When combined with spectral prediction from (shortlisted proposed) structures, using artificial intelligence or neural networks, DiscovIR-GC™ provides a powerful tool for metabolite identification, prior to confirmation of bioactivity of authentic, purchased or synthesised, enantiomerically pure standards.

Spectrometrics can upgrade most GC, MDGC or GC-MS systems with a DiscovIR-GC™ or supply a complete, new solution with your choice of sample introduction, inlets, and detectors (including HRAM-MS and Electroantennographic detectors).