The DiscovIR-GC™ is an essential tool for every laboratory that must identify unknowns with confidence. Enhanced resolution, solid-phase, infrared spectra, provide each compound’s unique fingerprint, making it quick and easy to unambiguously identify components, by comparison to extensive solid-phase FTIR libraries.

The DiscovIR-GC™ is particularly useful in identifying positional, structural, and diastereo- isomers, which can be challenging by Mass Spectrometry, even with comprehensive libraries and retention indices.

Many applications could benefit from DiscovIR-GC™ including:

  • ENDS/eLiquids – unambiguous component identification for flavour component toxicological risk assessment and impurity functional group screening
  • Enhanced toxicological risk assessment by library matching and/or functional group screening using selective detection of band chromatograms (Pharmaceutical residual impurities & excipients, Pharmaceutical extractables, ecotoxicology, safety & environmental assurance, NIAS in foods)
  • Defensible identification of components in complex matrices (e.g., unambiguous biomarker ID, product characterisation for IP registration, identification for regulatory registration)
  • Investigatory analysis for Food, Flavour & Fragrances
  • Materials analysis (degradation, investigatory analysis, failure analysis)
  • Materials analysis (pyGC/pyGC-MS, VDA-278, VDA-279)
  • VOC/sVOC analysis of paints, polymers, decorative coatings & food contact materials to comply with EU regulations
  • Analysis of novel foodstuffs (e.g., spirulina, mycoprotein, gene-edited crops)
  • REACH/RoHS registrationDiscovIR-GC™ can both simplify and accelerate Unknowns ID workflows and reduce or virtually eliminate the chance of mis-identification.

DiscovIR-GC™ for Unknown ID