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Cerno MassWorks™

Cerno MassWorks™

Adding to the legacy established in previous versions, MassWorks 6.1 is still the easy-to-use post acquisition software package that utilizes Cerno’s patented TrueCal™ technology to achieve high mass accuracy and high Spectral Accuracy and enable elemental composition determination on conventional mass spectrometers of unit mass resolution using the patented CLIPS formula search.  MassWorks sCLIPS and BestScan sCLIPS now also provide high spectral accuracy through exact line-shape calibration without the need for standards. MassWorks integrates the powerful TrueCal calibration technology to obtain up to 100X improvement in mass accuracy on unit resolution systems and up to 99.9% spectral accuracy on both high and unit resolution systems in a fast and versatile MS application software package. By mass accuracy with Spectral Accuracy, Cerno methodologies can provide significant improvements to all types of MS data, both high and low resolution.

  • High mass accuracy on quadrupole GC or LC/MS (up to 0.005Da)
    • upgrade your single quadrupole to an accurate-mass instrument
  • Improved Spectral Accuracy on all systems (up to 99.9%)
  • Elemental composition determination on quadrupoles
  • Eliminating up to 95-99% of incorrect elemental compositions on high resolution MS
  • Accurate isotope fine structure analysis on ultra-high resolution MS
  • Direct and accurate analysis of unresolved mixtures, e.g.,isotope labeling and biologics modifications
  • Effective noise filtering (up to 3X)

MassWorks now includes sCLIPS and Best Scan sCLIPS, for improving formula ID on high resolution MS, and CLIPS, enabling formula ID on unit resolution GC or LC/MS single or triple quadrupoles.


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More information:

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Pharmaceutical Leachables and Extractables

Modification of Biological Molecules

Isotope Labeling


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Flavors and Fragrances

Food Safety

Natural Products

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Organic Synthesis

Chemical and Process R&D

Polymers and Additives

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