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Cerno GC/ID™

Cerno GC/ID™

“GC/ID™ is the first major breakthrough in GC/MS in decades”

GC/ID™ upgrades your single-quadrupole GC/MS to accurate mass, to allow library searching and matching based on spectral similarity, retention time/index and elemental composition/molecular formula (using your existing nominal mass spectral libraries); as well as the routine determination of elemental composition & molecular formula for unknowns.

GC/ID™ is fully automated data processing software that provides dramatic improvements for GC/MS qualitative analysis. By incorporating Cerno’s proven TrueCal™ calibration technology for accurate mass formula ID along with conventional library search, a significant improvement in compound ID certainty is achieved on single quad GC/MS systems.

GC/ID also provides, for the first time, an entirely automated method of quantitatively utilizing the NIST, Wiley or user generated retention index values to provide yet a third orthogonal metric for compound ID.  The groundbreaking Auto RI allows you to automatically calibrate your GC for retention index without the need for standards!

GC/ID uses a powerful new approach to identify and deconvolve mixtures and the background of co-eluting peaks and, new for V4, adds a remarkable improvement to deconvolve peaks when there is not enough retention time separation between co-eluting compounds, for which all other conventional deconvolution approaches will fail!

  • Forward and reverse search using the industry standard NIST search engine
  • Accurate Mass with Spectral Accuracy for formula ID of molecular ions and/or Fragments
  • The most advanced deconvolution of Co-eluting Peaks (TrueChrom MX™)
  • Additional SMD deconvolution for peaks that co-elute to close for conventional deconvolution.
  • Retention Index Match using RI standards or Auto RI™ for generating RI match without standards
  • Auto RI™ for generating RI match with no standards
  • Magic Highlighter™ color codes problem IDs visually to speed analyst reviews
  • Conveniently processes legacy centroid data with deconvolution and RI validation
  • Semi-Quant, a simple but smart Semi-Quantitative analysis tool
  • Build custom Libraries directly from GC/ID
  • Fully Automatic whole Run or Full Sequence Processing and Report Generation

GC/ID is built on the powerful Massworks Rx configurable platform so it can be easily adapted to your specific needs.


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GC/ID is built on the powerful Massworks Rx configurable platform so it can be easily adapted to your specific needs.

Watch the March 2022 Webinar to learn and see the software in action!

Find out more from the MassWorks Rx GC/ID brochure or

read our poster presentation from Pittcon2018.

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